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Sample Kits

Sample Kits

Vitro Architectural Glass has sample kits containing 4" x 6" glass samples across a range of Vitro Glass products. Whether your next project calls for solar control, exceptional clarity or nature-inspired aesthetics, Vitro Glass has a glass sample kit to help meet your product selections needs.

Sample Kits

Low‑Iron Glass

Low-iron glass eliminates the green cast that is common with clear glass and can be used as a substitute for clear glass as well as for other more specialized applications. 

    Our low-iron glass  family includes Starphire Ultra-Clear® Glass for unsurpassed transparency and Acuity™ Low-Iron Glass as an affordable option.

    Sample Kits

    Performance Tinted Glass

    From rich blues to ultra-neutral grays, performance-tinted glasses by Vitro provide you with a range of aesthetic options to support your vision. Our entire tinted glass collection is available with Solarban® solar control low‑e coatings.

    Sample Kits

    Low‑E Glass

    Low-emissivity (low-e) glass coatings were developed to minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through glass without compromising the amount of visible light that is transmitted. A microscopically thin transparent coating allows low-e glass to reflect exterior heat in warm temperatures and hold in heat during cold temperatures, making buildings light, bright and energy-efficient.

    Vitro Architectural Glass offers two types of low-e coated glass: Solarban® solar control low-e and Sungate® passive low-e glass.

    Sample Kits

    Reflective Glass

    Discover our expansive palette of subtly reflective and color-enriched glasses that exhibit high levels of visible light and exterior reflectivity. The reflective glass collection is available with Vistacool® and Solarcool®.

    Sample Kits

    Special Applications

    Vitro Architectural Glass produces a range of products ideal for interiors, decorative glass, spandrel glass, and other special glass applications. Get in touch to learn about these special applications and explore our products made possible by our Alliance Partner program. 

    Sample Kits

    Glass Partnerships

    From bird-friendly glass to colorful spandrel glass, your projects can benefit from a range of options made possible by our Alliance Partner program. 

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    Take it outside

    View the sample vertically or at a slight angle under natural lighting. Evaluate angular color, viewing the sample from acute to obtuse angles. Try varying conditions to appreciate the different ways in which the glass behaves (sunny, overcast, night time).

    Tip: overcast conditions are best to determine the transmitted and reflected colors with the highest accuracy.


    Get a black background

    To observe the reflectance, find a black background and place the glass sample several inches away. Make sure the surface you are evaluating for reflectance is facing you.

    Tip: place an object in front of the glass sample to appreciate the reflectance of the object on the glass.


    Get a white background

    To evaluate the transmitted color and light, find a white background and place the sample several inches away.

    Tip: place an object behind the glass sample to appreciate how the glass color and light affect the object.