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From Solarban® to Starphire Ultra-Clear glass to bird-safe acid-etched glass from Walker Textures, Vitro Architectural Glass offers free 4" x 6" individual glass samples to assist in the product specification process.
Picture for category SOLARBAN® Solar Control Low-E Glass

SOLARBAN® Solar Control Low-E Glass

Browse samples of Solarban® solar control low-e glasses on clear glass and performance tinted glass by Vitro.

Picture for category SUNGATE® Passive Low-E Glass

SUNGATE® Passive Low-E Glass

Browse samples of Sungate® passive low-e glass, designed specifically for use in heating-dominated climates.

Picture for category Tinted Glass

Tinted Glass

Browse samples of performance-tinted glasses on solar control low-e, passive low-e and reflective glasses by Vitro.

Picture for category STARPHIRE Ultra-Clear™ Glass

STARPHIRE Ultra-Clear™ Glass

For the utmost transparency and color fidelity, browse samples of Starphire® glass with various thicknesses and low-e coatings.

Picture for category VISTACOOL® & SOLARCOOL® Reflective Glass

VISTACOOL® & SOLARCOOL® Reflective Glass

Explore samples of Vitro Glass's expansive pallette of color-enriched, high-performance reflected glasses.

Picture for category ICD Spandrel Glass

ICD Spandrel Glass

Browse samples of colorful spandrel glass from ICD Performance Coatings, including OPACI-COAT® 300 on Starphire® glass.

Picture for category Acuity™ Low-Iron Glass

Acuity™ Low-Iron Glass

When used with low-e coatings, Acuity™ Low-Iron Glass delivers neutral aesthetics, high visible light transmittance (VLT) and the performance you expect from Vitro high performance glasses.

Picture for category CLARVISTA™ Shower Glass

CLARVISTA™ Shower Glass

Order 4" x 6" samples of Clarvista Shower Glass coating on both clear glass and Starphire® glass.

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